Detailed Inventory, Graphs and Diagnosis

Complete diagnostics of GPON equipment

  • Reports and complete monitoring of GPON parameters, with historical graphs of optical power.
  • Bandwidth consumption graphs (in OLTs that support collection).
  • GPON manufacturer independence:
    – Standardized notifications
    GPON alarms consolidated into a single tool.
  • Subscriber equipment inventory: brand, serial number, model and firmware version.
  • Remote change of SSID and Password Wifi parameters through OLT OMCI configuration.

Drastic reduction in non-productive technical visits, effectively helping subscribers!

Efficiency gains
  • Drastic reduction in non-productive technical visits, because the Support Team has in advance all optical connectivity information, connected WAN, wired LAN and Wifi at the subscriber’s home.
  • With all information available on a single platform, regardless of the GPON or router manufacturer, Support always finds the information in the same place.
  • Remote change of Wifi parameters of SSID and Password, and depending on the equipment, also frequency channel and internal LAN network.


  • GPON optical and bandwith historical graphs
  • Integration with ERP to retrieve subscriber’s WAN IP.
  • Correlation between ERP contract ID and OLT resources.
  • Advanced technical and management reports.

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