GPON Network Abstraction and Provisioning Automation

Provisioning Automation


  • Automated provisioning of the subscriber’s GPON access network and Wifi device:
    – field technicians with no interaction with NOC attendants for provisioning and maintenance.
    – an Android APP does all the setup in minutes.
  • Integrated to the ERP/CRM, so that the equipment and monitoring are linked to the Provider’s Subscriber, facilitating the service of support ticket calls.
  • Standardized GPON and IP settings on WiFi OLTs and ONU/Routers.
  • Optical signal quality measures help to assure metrics in the installation process.
  • Multivendor tool, so that N1/N2 Support does not need to understand the details of each OLT Vendor.
  • Support for Neutral Networks, with segregation of resources and confidentiality of subscribers.

How it works?

Field technician performs the entire installation autonomously and automatically.

Real efficiency improvements, with a 77% reduction in the number of technicians in the activation center.
Efficiency gains
  • No prior provisioning of the ONU / Wifi Router is required.
  • Reduces activation time at the Subscriber’s home.
  • Assured ONU / Router configuration compliance.
  • Optimizes subscribers remote support, as agents always find a known configuration.
  • Logs optical powers from the ONU and OLT, blocking provisioning outside the established limits, thus reducing maintenance at the subscriber’s home.
  • Records and translates logs of PON events, such as interruptions due to power supply or fiber impairments.
  • OLT inventory (brand, model and firmware), with capacity planning data OLT, Ponlink, among other parameters.
  • Advanced and customized reports to meet the most diverse client needs.
  • AutoISP automatically provisions all manufacturers, so operators only need training on the Int6 platform!

Cross-platform Solution

Support to the main ISP ERP's



If the OLT supports different ONU manufacturers, Int6 automatically configures the different combinations.

Did you have any doubts?

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